#libday8 What do I do?

This post is part of Library Day in the Life Round 8, a project where librarians and information professionals document their day / week through blog posts, photos, video and Twitter updates.

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I work as an Information Assistant in a HE Careers Centre, and there is a small library here with careers information and publications, and takeaway handouts. I provide specialised information support mostly to the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, as well as partaking in front of house activities.

I actually seem to have stuff to write about this year! Usually, in previous roles, I don’t really seem to do enough to be able to write a blogpost, or even send out many tweets.



So #libday8 starts off with no network access! I decide to make a start on typing up my #libcampnw notes. After not too long though it comes back on and I check my emails, twitter, and the email enquiries.

After that, I start off by putting information on our website and booking system about our Resources of the Earth employer seminars, which are aimed at Geology students, and schedule promotion to go out on our College-specific Twitter and Facebook.

I choose a #libday8 tweet to send to @careersbham in order to promote Library and Info careers, which they retweet 🙂 Well CILIP do say you should promote the career!

I am not sure what I did for the day in between this! Emails probably!

Last part of today is spent on information desk. Lots of students handing in points-claiming forms for our Personal Skills employability award, as the deadline is Friday and some students signing up for our Skills Series workshops with employers.

In the evening I supervise the students who are telephoning graduates for the Department of Leavers of Higher Education (DLHE) survey – which gets sent nationally to all graduates six months after graduating to see what they are up to now. It is important the students ask the right questions, so that if someone is actually volunteering or studying in own time we don’t get them down as unemployed. We get paid extra for this, and it means I get valuable experience supervising people.



Day begins on Information Desk / Reception. We don’t open until 9h30, but we still have to answer the phone if it rings, and see if anyone has phoned in sick.

Also, today interviews are being conducted for a student assistant to help us deliver the University’s Green Impact strategy in the Careers Centre; so first interviewee arrives for that.

Our new info assistant sits with me on reception for this shift, for training. I get her to check voicemail, and then we look at enquiries received overnight through our email enquiry service.

Info team meeting – only a brief one to discuss new strategy for triaging employer vacancy-posting requests, and new way of rota-ing checking the central email and interactive careers service enquiries.

Meet a friend from Main Library for lunch in the staff café; love having the staff café on campus and such a choice of eating places.

I’m not sure what happens in the afternoon, I’m sure if we didn’t have email there would be much less reading and more doing!

I do rustle up some little business cards with all of our College Careers twitter accounts on, though, to take to the Work Experience Fair tomorrow, which I print out on yellow card.

Image of social media business card



I get to work early to try to write my #libcampnw blogpost, but still fail to finish it.

It is our Work Experience careers fair today, so I send out some tweets about it.

I get a parcel from Central Print containing the posters I designed to promote our new Life and Environmental Sciences Careers WebCT section. They look really good in A3 🙂 I love that in this job I get to design stuff like this, and flyers, HTML emails, etc; as I have always been into graphic and web design, but not to the extent I’d want to do it for a career.

Image of WebCT promo poster

At 12 o clock my colleague and I head over to the Great Hall for our stint on the Careers Centre stand at the Work Experience Fair. We don’t have to dish out careers advice – just promote what is on offer at the Careers and Employability Centre and there are leaflets and handouts (e.g. Writing a CV) that students can pick up and takeaway, as well as free CEC pens! It’s always good to get out the office and see what’s going on.

Careers Centre stand

Image via @careersbham

At 1 o clock, I head for lunch in the staff restaurant with a friend from the Main Library, who tells me about his new job as the Senior Information Assistant in the Retrospective Cataloguing team.

In the afternoon, I make adjustments to the website and events feed. More emails, twitter…



I am writing a set of ‘Getting Into…’ guides for our Psychology students, so I do some research into Counselling Psychology, and type up my notes from our careers talk on Counselling Psychology, organised for students, which I attended.

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